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Dr. Phil, MD
Dr. Phil, MD, Medical Doctor
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I have red bands under my fingernails. They Follow the shape

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I have red bands under my fingernails. They Follow the shape of the flesh under the nail moon shape
DocPhil213 :

Hello. How long has this been there? Any pain or discomfort associated with it? Do your nails themselves look normal?

Customer: No pain, nails look normal.
DocPhil213 :

How long have you had this?

Customer: Not sure .. For a few weeks
DocPhil213 :

I see. Do you have any other medical problems? Including skin conditions?

Customer: Not really, I have had what I think are boils. Nothing recent
DocPhil213 :

I see. This could be one of two things. 1)This is totally normal anatomy and nothing to worry about. 2)You might be getting a fungal infection of the nail. Most likely this is nothing to worry about. If it is a fungal infection you will notice that the nail might change color and become scaly looking

Customer: Ok, thank you for your help
DocPhil213 :

You're welcome. Please be so kind to remember to leave positive feedback for me after accepting. I really appreciate it. PK

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