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my urine is cloudy with a foul smell plus lower back pain,

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my urine is cloudy with a foul smell plus lower back pain, but i have no burning sensation and no inceased need to urinate, I have been to a doctor numerous times for bladder infections each giving me stronger antibiotics with every visit. in all cases a urine test was taken and blood, pus and bacteria was found, except for the last visit i had yesterday, no blood or bacteria was found. the doctor made me bend over in all directions then applied pressure to the area where my back acked and when he did that it was surprisingly painful. i have done a urine culture 6 months ago and i was told to go do another today. ive been dealing with bladder infections for about 10 months now and had about 6 different antibiotics perscribed. my question is there really something wrong with me and should i just get a family doctor instead of going to the same walk in clinic where i see different doctors each time?

There are several issues to consider in this situation. There are several conditions that can cause symptoms. Certainly, urinary tract infections are very common, but anyone that has been struggling with persistent or recurrent urinary tract infections for 6 months should seek further evaluation. When there has been a failure of the usual antibiotics, it is always reasonable to perform a urine culture to determine the germ that is present and what antibiotics kill it the best. There also should be an evaluation to determine if there are any other underlying conditions that predisposes to having an infection.


It is also possible that there are other conditions in the urinary tract that cause similar symptoms without an active infection, such as interstitial cystitis. There also may be similar symptoms caused by infections in the female genital tract.


Ultimately, it would require an appropriate evaluation to determine the cause of your problem. It is generally better whenever there is a condition that causes chronic or recurrent problems to be followed by a doctor that will become familiar with your situation. However, it also may require more of an evaluation than can be done by a family doctor. but a family doctor will be able to refer you to the appropriate specialist.


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Usually after I've taken the antibiotic I would get the infection again within a week or so but my last urine cultre lasted me for months before i had a reoccurance. I've had hear from a few doctors and pharmacits occasionally that I probably have a bacteria that is resistant to antibiotics, but the fact that my urine test came up negitive makes me question if thats possible, at least for me anyways. I also noticed that i recived the first bladder infection after a started taking a birth control called Yaz and I had no history of bladder infections before that. I also noticed that after taking this pill that I missed my first period and I developed theres large bumps on my lower legs that turned out to be a reaction of the birth control and were harmless, hence now I'm on another pill. I have been told that intercorse can lead to bladder infections as well which is why its recomended to alway go to the washroom after intercorse. I'm doubtful of the possibility of having a STI since my partner and I are exclusive and inexperenced. I do have a family history of reacting poorly to medication, and I have done so in the past with accutain. Is it possible to be having these reaccuring infections due to my birth control?

Yes, it is possible that you could be having recurrent infections from intercourse, although it is more common in women that have a sudden increase in sexual activity, such as on a honeymoon. Recurrent urine infections from birth control is not common, but it is possible, and since it occurs infrequently, it is difficult to differentiate the effect of sexual activity from the effect of the drug. It is also possible to have an infection of the female genital tract that is not sexually transmitted.


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
you mean like a yeast infection? The concept of getting a vaginal infaction without needing to have intercorse to get it kinda caught me off gaurd. How would I be able to tell if I have one? Would I only be able to tell by going to a gyno? How would a female genital tract infection cause bladder infection type symtoms

Yes, a vaginal infection can cause urinary symptoms, by causing irritation of the external genitalia, which includes the opening of the urethra. Some vaginal infections are due to sexually transmitted germs, such as trichomonas, but some germs do not require sexual activity, such as the yeast. Yeast vaginal infections are more common in women that are sexually active, but it does not require that there be sexual activity. Your family doctor would be able to determine whether this is a urinary tract infection and also can typically determine if there is a vaginal infection or other infection of the female genital tract.


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