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Can thyroid cause body temperature to drop to 95.7?

Resolved Question:

If your body temperature drops to 95.7, would this indicate thyroid or possibly something else?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. B. replied 6 years ago.

Dr Sumit Bassi :

Are you diagnosed with any medical condition? Are you on any medication? Are you sure that thermometer is working correctly?

Customer :

Yes, Eosinophilic Esophagitis and Gastroenteritis, food and environmental allergies and depression. TSH and FT4 were ok

Only allergy medications (Zrtec, Singular) and Xolair. I used two different thermometers several times and asked a friend to also check their temperature (which was 98.2). The low temperatures seems to come and go and are related to the depression and a feeling of lowness. Also, because of the food allergies, I eat a limited diet. No dairy, gluten, soy, citrus, any fruit with a pit, legumes

Dr Sumit Bassi :

I will recommend a physician visit, so that a serum tsh,wbc count, haemoglobin levels can be checked. As low thyroid or underlying infection(sepsis) or anaemia can lead to lower body temperatures. No history of liver disease,so other causes are unlikely. But a temperature of 95.7 warrants a physician attention.

Experiencing low body temperatures once in a while is perfectly normal, as the body will not maintain a constant temperature throughout the day. But a regular dip in body temperature for a prolonged period usually denotes some ailment.

Customer :


Dr Sumit Bassi :

You are most welcome.

Dr Sumit Bassi :


Feel free to ask further questions if any.

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