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Dr. RK
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I am recovering from surgery due to a ruptured appendix. My

Resolved Question:

I am recovering from surgery due to a ruptured appendix. My case was very bad as the rupture occurred 2 days prior to surgery. I had the drain removed yesterday. They also found an umbilical hernia which could not be repaired due to internal toxicity at the time of the appendectomy. I have been experiencing small twinges of pain (mild) near my belly button and groin area. No fever or nausea. Should I be concerned? Is this normal post op? Could the hernia have been aggravated from the surgery? I am looking for some peace of mind. I am 11 days post op.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. RK replied 6 years ago.
dear customer,

when was the surgery done?
any associated fever, diarrhea, or discharge from the wound?
did you take any pain killers?
did you consult a doctor yet?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Surgery was done Tuesday 3/15. No fever. I do have diarrhea but I'm on Ciprofloxacin and Flagyl and antibiotics always give me diarrhea. No discharge from wound. It is not sore or warm/hot either. Healing nicely. I was taking Hydrocodone but have tapered down to 1 per day, then weening to half a day. I have not spoken to my doctor yet as these twinges just developed today.
Expert:  Dr. RK replied 6 years ago.
Dear customer,

The mild pain after the surgery may continue for a few days more.The tapering of hydrocodone should be done as it may cause dependence when used for a long time.

The other cause of such pain may be associated with diarrhea.You should take the antidiarrheal drugs as prescribed by the doctor.If the diarrhea continues then should get investigated for the antibiotic associated diarrhea which responds well to drug vancomycin.

The absence of discharge and fever rules out the possibility of infection and local examination of the wound should be done by doctor.

You may take the pain killers like motrin, advil to control the symptoms.
If it worsens then consult the doctor for the repair of umbilical hernia which may also be the cause of your pain.

Let me know if you have any doubt.

thank you!
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