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What is the remedy for earache due to clod weather?

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Exposure to very cold weather caused sharp ear ache. What is the remedy?

Did you also have some jaw pain or cheek pain?
How long did the pain last? Does it come every time you are exposed to cold weather?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

No jaw pain or cheek. Pain is on and off every few seconds, very sharp. I had similar neuralgia before, mainly due to air condition exposure. Today was very cold and windy and did not protect myself. I took 2 ibuprofen 3 hours ago.

Did this pain last for a few minutes, until either your ear got "used" to the cold, or you got into warmer conditions? Are you still having the pain?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

The pain is still there. It started this morning and continues still even in warmer condition. When swallow feel some sensitivity but no pain in my throat.

Do you feel the pain is in the ear lobe? Or is it deep in the ear?
Do you have blistering, or a rash in the area?
Any problems with hearing? Any problems with dizziness?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

If I touch my ear lobe, there is pain in places I touch, I also have pain in my right eye like a mild migraine. I also feel some pain when I touch the upper part of my head. No problems with rash, hearing or dizziness.

Well, what you are describing is "Otalgia" -- ear pain.

Often times -- when the ear is exposed to the cold -- you get a sudden change in the blood vessels in the ear -- and this can cause pain. However, this pain tends to get better when rewarmed, for example, and you are still having pain.

The pain in the right eye and forehead could also point to the fact that this type of pain could be related more toward irritation of the trigeminal nerve (which supplies the sensation over the ear, eye, forehead, and rest of the face). So, sharp, electric like pains could be a trigeminal neuralgia.

Sinus infections can also cause such pains, as well as dental issues, such as TMJ syndrome. There are other, more rare causes, such as neuralgias involving other cranial nerves.

But -- this could just be temporary irritation of the nerve, perhaps set off by the exposure to the cold weather. Often times, taking the advil and letting time gets this to feeling better.

Of course, should this continue for mroe than a couple of days, or your develop other symptoms such as fever, worsening of the pain, a change in the pain, trouble with hearing or balance -- then seeing your doctor sooner is best.

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