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I have pain in my leg, groin, hip, lower abdomen Can't lift

Resolved Question:

Hi, I have pain in my leg, groin, hip, lower abdomen Can't lift leg without pain in the entire joint area, 6 inch up and down from joint. Outward rotation painful, walking, standing, I am in constant pain, burning and itching sensation also. left leg has some issue, not as bad as right leg.
My blood pressure is high, it was always 110 over 78 (right around there for all my life) I am 53, female. I feel my heart is beating faster,
In recent 3 weeks my left wrist has the bone that is on the inside of arm connecting the wrist to hand is swelling and protruding, hurts with almost all movement of thumb and hand.
Here is story of what I think happened. Please advise.
I had an ear infection was given medicine, antibiotic - which didn't work even after 10 days, was given Levaquin 500 mg, 10 days, which didn't work than was increased to 1,000 mg - Was taking the 1,000 for about 5 days when I started to have pain in joints especially my leg, groin, hip... Within 48 hrs I couldn't move my leg without crying, it was swollen, red and almost impossible to move.... These medications were prescribed by a nurse practioner... I went back to see her, NP and she examined me and said my lymph nodes in my groin were swollen, probably due to infection, I didn't agree since I had been on antiboitics for about 20 days and this was different kind of pain.
I was advised by NP to continue with the levaquin, but I knew something was wrong, so I called my regular doctor who had me come right in...He took me off levaquin and gave me a Steriod pack for 9 days, which took some of it down, but not all so then he have me anti-inflamatories, took them for about 1 month.
This all started in September. I have been taking anti-inflamatories on a regular basis, but am still in pain. I changed doctors, now seeing a orthopedic surgeon.
I had exray and mri done... showed lots of inflamation in leg/groin,area and some arthritis, not much arthritis...
The orthopedic doctor said if the anti-inflamatories don't work he would like to have some cortisone injected to area done by a radiologist. I think they will take same fluid or "stuff" out also... Not really sure....
I can't tolerate the pain anymore. I was taking ocxcodine for pain at night every once in while but don't want to use daily.
My knees have now started to "pop"....
My wrist is getting worse...
My bowels aren't working properly....
My blood pressure is high....
My ankle hurts...
I feel like I am falling apart. I put on some weight with all this happening. I am not fat, size 6 - 8 but for me these extra 20 lbs are a lot.. I am exhausted and have difficulty remembering and thinking.. I am a financial advisor, usually very sharp...
Please help.. I am confused, I have been to a few doctors and no on can actually help me...
What should I do...
I have also started taking fish oil, probotics, and a few other natural herbs for inflamation.
Thank you for advise in advance,
with respect,
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. Mark replied 6 years ago.
What body part did you have the MRI done?

Was it the hip? Or the lumbar spine? Or something else?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Not sure what it was called. The picture that I was showed had both leg joints and I believe the groin area

the surgeon was able to see the hip bone for arthritis, which he said has some mild arthritis, but if he took mri of everyone in waiting room, everyone would have some arthritis. So he did see the hip, right one, and the area connecting leg to body, which was all white.

When the mri was done, the technician was only supposed to take it on right leg but they saw so much inflamation they did both legs.

Expert:  Dr. Mark replied 6 years ago.

What I would want to ask your doctors for now is a MRI of the lumbar spine.

If you have a "pinched" nerve in the lumbar spine -- called lumbar radiculopathy -- you can have issues with radiating pain into the hip, groin, and down the leg.

The fact you have these issues in both legs makes me think that this could be the issue here.

I would ask your doctor for a MRI of the lumbar spine to evaluate this.

Of course -- the other issues, with your wrist, your weight, your bowels -- wouldn't be related to this, but some of your major symptoms could be related to this, and so getting your lumbar spine evaluated would make the most sense here.
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