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I have a deep scar on my left ankle from an accident

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lt;p>I have a deep scar on my left ankle from an accident three years ago. Two weeks ago, I had a blood transfusion following gall bladder removal. The scar on my leg itches so badly, I've now rebroken the skin and it's bleeding again. Is their any correlation between receiving blood, (2 units) and my irritated scar?</p><p> I received the scar when a large trash can fell on my foot. The leg  had to be surgically debrised followed by 16 months at a wound care center to close it. It is approx. 21/2 -3 inches and I scratch it open while sleeping.</p><p>Help is anyone there?   I received blood after gall bladder surgery because the surgeon damaged my liver during surgery........I've had complications that go w/ GB surgery; gas pressure build up, diarrhea, jaundice, weakness, etc...</p>
No, there is no relation between receiving blood -- and your irritated scar.

Receiving blood just means you are getting more blood in your blood vessels -- and your scar doesn't know if the blood flowing by it is yours or another person's. If your body did react -- it would react everywhere, with a fever, swelling, or trouble breathing.

Areas around the scar can be itchy, but the issue here seems like you continually want to scratch it, causing the skin in that area to be irritated, and even more itchy.

You probably will want to discuss this as a separate issue with your doctor to see if there is something else (perhaps stronger) that you can apply to help with itching, and to ensure there isn't another reason for your itching in that area (some other dermatitis).
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