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Dr. Haroon Iqbal
Dr. Haroon Iqbal, Doctor
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I have lost my voice - sore throat, painful cough, no fever,

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I have lost my voice - sore throat, painful cough, no fever, nasal drip, mild stuffy nose but runny eyes.
Thought it might be allergies. Looked with a flashlight and mirror into my throat and there
is a white spot on tonsil but rest of mouth is red - no other white spots. Thank you.
Hello and welcome to justanswer!

Do you have fever ?

Shivering ?

Any problem with your ears ?

Pain in facial bones or eyebrows?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
No fever or shivering; ears are somewhat plugged and no facial or brow pain.
One last question.Do you history of allergies or sinusitis?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Mild seasonal allergies and no on the sinuitis.
Thank you very much for your input.

From the information you provided it appears that you might be having acute allergic rhinitis complicated with laryngitis and hence husky voice .In this case your vocal cards might be somewhat swollen and you can't speak properly.I believe you need antiallergics like Monteleukast , Fexofenadine , with a any cough syp. Containing Dextromethorphan like Halls etc. an anti inflammatory like Advil and in case you have fever too a brad spectrum antibiotic like Cipro also.Please use plenty of hot liquids like soups , lukewarm water with honey and green tea with cardamom and aniseeds.Please see GP so that you could get the medications and assessment .
Hope i have answered your question.
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