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I can feel the pulse in my left foot for the last two days.

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I can feel the pulse in my left foot for the last two days.
This happened five or so years ago and I called my doctor about it and she said it was a "wild nerve" and it only lasted a day or so but now it continues even when I stand at the sink in the kitchen.
Is there anything I can do? Is it a sign of something else?

Such pulsatile sensations are usually not due to the arteries themselves.

The most likely cause, as your earlier doctor said, is due to a sensation in the nerves.

This may be the first sign of peripheral neuropathy. Peripheral neuropathy can give rise to various sensations like tingling, pain, numbness, vibration, etc. A pulse like sensation is also possible.

If the symptoms persist, you should discuss about peripheral neuropathy with your doctor. Ideally, you should consult a Neurologist for this. You may need tests like Nerve conduction tests to diagnose your condition.

Some general measures that are routinely advised for this are: maintaining optimum weight, proper diet, vitamin supplements, exercise, treating stress and depression where present. You should also take Vitamin B and Vitamin E supplements which are available at all pharmacies. You should also go for regular exercise.

You can look up here:

The second possiblity is that this is due to muscle twitches in your foot.

The most likely cause for such twitching is an electrolyte imbalance. You should try out the following:

Plenty of Electrolyte fluids: Rehydration fluids are available OTC at all pharmacies.

Warm compresses when there are twitches.

Gentle massaging of the site.

You should also try these measures along with the previous ones.

Muscle twitching is also best attended to by a Neurologist.

Hence a Neurological consultation if the symptoms persist would be helpful.

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