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Dr PG (M.D.)
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I had nerves in the mid left are of my back yesterday. The

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I had nerves burnt in the mid left are of my back yesterday. The procedure was very painful. I've had this procedure before, in other areas of my back with success. Today however, I've been in severe pain in the area where I had the procedure but also in my left hip area. The other times I did not have this kind of pain during or after. I'm really concerned. I called the doctors office with no reply. I have pain in my back and hip area from surgery 8 years ago. First I had durgery for a herniated disc L5-S1, the surgery was successful until I developed a staph infection. I went in 2 weeks later for durgery to clean out the infection. Unfortunately, I ended up with a second staph infection within 2 more weeks and went back for more surgery to clean it out. The second infection was so bad I nearly died. I've been to countless doctors and pain clinics with no help until now. This doctor has helped me tremendously, until yesterday. I just cannot take the pain much more. I don't understand why this nerve burning has left me in so much pain when the others seemed successful. Can you give me any ideas or insight? What should I do?
Dr PG (M.D.) :


Dr PG (M.D.) :

welcome to just answer

Dr PG (M.D.) :

are you present online?

Customer: Yes, I'm online now.
Customer: Any ideas or thoughts on my situation?
Dr PG (M.D.) :

Can you describe the exact procedure that was done?

Dr PG (M.D.) :

Was it radio frequency nerve ablation?

Customer: yes
Customer: I don't know if this helps but it was for T12-L3
Dr PG (M.D.) :


Customer: Left side
Dr PG (M.D.) :

It would appear that you are probably having neuritis - inflammation of the nerve that is a known complication of Radio frequency ablation. A nerve in the spine can feel tender and cause pain in a few after the procedure. But, this usually heals within 3-6 weeks by itself.

Dr PG (M.D.) :

If the pain is severe as in your case, a trial of medicines like Valproate/ OTC painkillers like Tylenol etc may be recommended

Customer: I've had this procedure 3 times before and its never hurt like this. I can barely walk, I can't even lay on that side. I already take embeda 30mg twice a day and 5/325 vicadin 3 times a day. Its not helping.
Customer: Why do I have pain in my left hip as well?
Dr PG (M.D.) :

In this situation you need to get back to the clinic/ go to the ER for medication for immediate pain relief.

Dr PG (M.D.) :

It is apparent that there is some complication related to the procedure that is causing the symptoms

Dr PG (M.D.) :

The hip pain is probably referred pain (pain at a distant area due to local cause)

Customer: Ok thank you so much for your help. I tried contacting the doctors office that did the procedure several times today but have not gotten a reply. Thank you for your input.
Dr PG (M.D.) :

I understand,

Dr PG (M.D.) :

You are most welcome,

Dr PG (M.D.) :

Unfortunately weekends can be tough times to be a patient !

Customer: Any thoughts on what type of complication there could be? Just curious.
Dr PG (M.D.) :

Either the nerve did not get properly burnt,

Dr PG (M.D.) :

OR more likely there was local nerve inflammation related to the procedure - neuritis

Dr PG (M.D.) :

Please remember to accept the answer by pressing the GREEN accept button, do get back for any clarifications

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thank you for your help the other day. I went to see my doctor yesterday because I was still in a great deal of pain. He told me to stop being a wuss and that I needed to "suck it up and get over my pain"! His nurse told me the medicine I take is now on recall, when I asked him about it he said, "whoever told you that was lying. That's why I went to medical school and they didn't." Is this appropriate behavior for a doctor to speak to and treat a patient this way? He also told me that my pain didn't make any sense s and that it must not be that bad because I wasn't crying. I felt horrible when I left his office. I went for help and felt put down and degraded. Any thoughts? I just don't know what to think.
If your pain is persisting and severe enough to affect your daily activity then you definitely need a detailed evaluation to look for neuritis or any other complication.
I would recommend you to get a second opinion to be sure and if need be change of medicines.