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I have a dull throbbing pain that comes and goes in my left

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I have a dull throbbing pain that comes and goes in my left leg that is a "shooting pain" from mid calf to knee. It builds up then goes away. Also a slight sensation in my right chest. I've had it for a few weeks.The left leg is OK, and hasn't this annoiance. I've tried: stretches, creams, naproxin,asprin,and massages. I'm 58 W male.
Is there any swelling, numbness or tingling at the leg? D you have any diagnosed medical condition?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
No swelling , numbness or tingling as if my leg went to sleep. I don't have a condition. I'm 150#s 5' 5" and seem to be in good shape except for the dull pulsing ache of a pain that builds up the goes down
I can understand your anxiety.
My first bet will be irritation of the nerve concerned {at spine level or at its course}. The spine consists of vertebrae and intervertbral discs { soft tissue cushion if I may say }. The cord or bunch of nerves in simple word passes through the spinal canal { formed by vertebral body in front and ring like posterior part around }. Any bone spur of displacement or bulge of the disc cause pressure over the cord which results in symptoms like pain / numbness / tingling due to nerve irritation. The nerves leave the spinal canal through small rounded openings laterally. Pinching of these nerve roots can occur at this level too. Other causes like mineral or vitamin deficiency also need to be considered.
A physical check up along with few investigations like MRI lumbar spine, nerve conduction study, blood tests will give us the diagnosis. Treatment will follow. Chest symptoms do not seem to be related to leg. A chest x ray will help.
Till than have balanced diet, adequate fluid/ anti inflammatory tabs, warm compress may help/ avoid sitting or sleeping on hard floor.
Please do not worry, you will be fine soon. God bless
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