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Itchy red round rash that spreads to other spots on arms

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Itchy red round rash that spreads to other spots on arms legs and chest. When one starts to go down another pops up somewhere else. I just recently am recovering from a severe pancratic infection that took a year to recover from. Haven't taken antibiotics for 4 monthes for it. Went to doctor and received hydroxizine. After a week no relief, went to urgent care and got a steroid shot (ouch) and a course of prednisone. another week no relief.
how long has this rash been going on?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
For going on 3 weeks
does the rash itch, and do you have any other symptoms like jaundiced skin or fevers?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Very itchy, no other symtoms. Not jaundiced or any fever. Just annoying. I'll get a spot and it gets bigger about a silver dollar size and when it starts going away ill get more. It is mostly on my arms and legs. Last week on my chest both sides. My doctor said it wasnt shingles cause that is on one side or the other.
no it definitely doesn't sound like shingles. this is most likely a fungal infection, and the steroids will actually make it worse, so i wouldn't use those for this situation. you can try a little weak steroid topical cream for the very itchy spots but mostly starting an anti fungal cream makes more sense. fungus is hard to get rid of so it may take weeks for it to fully work, but the medication will state how long to use it and its usually at least a few weeks. an oral anti fungal may be a good idea as well as it sounds somewhat systemic so it would treat the whole body.
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