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My stools are bright. What does this mean?

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My stools are bright green. What does this mean?
Welcome to justanswer and thank you for your question.
Do you have loose stool?
Are you taking any medications or food supplement?
Any past medical issue?
Any other symptoms?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

No loose stool. No medications other than Levothyroxine0.075MG for the last 10 years.

No food supplements. Complete abdominal hysterectomy 11/22/10. No other symptoms. Can't think of anything that I have eaten to cause this change. I may be concerned too soon, but the change is so drastic so quick.

Well, in a healthy person the liver constantly secretes a green fluid, Bile, which is used to absorb fats and fat soluble vitamins. Bile travels through the bile ducts (and gallbladder) and into the intestines. Bile softens the stools and is also responsible for giving stools their characteristic brown color.
Green color of stool is indicative of the reason that food has passed through the intestines faster than normal .
This can be occur in any of these medical conditions-
E. coli infection, Pseudomembranous colitis , Eating disorders, irritable bowel syndrome, bacterial overgrowth.
Usually it can be due to- Food dyes and green vegetables, such as spinach, chlorophyll, iron supplement.
Digestive problems may cause green stool. If a body is not properly digesting the food correctly, the food particles will not be absorbed into the intestines, leaving colored stools. Bile salts that are not properly processed through the intestines can also cause dark green stools
In case you have not taken any of such products, then most likely it can be related with digestive system issue. You can wait for 3-4 days, and usually stool will turn to its normal color by that time.
In the mean time take light meals and take plenty of fluids.
Kind Regards
Dr Robert.
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