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Sudden severe shooting pain on the inside of my right ankle.

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Sudden severe shooting pain on the inside of my right ankle. Felt like an explosion, like it was shot. It happened last night and again this morning. The pain is immediately reduced when I lift my foot from the floor. After sitting, it now only hurts if I touch the inside of my ankle near the back. The pain is incredible when it occurs. Both times I was walking in the house, sneakers on, and stepping off the the right foot. It seems random and I'm afraid of when it could happen because the pain is overwhelming! Any thoughts? Thanks.
Does it also hurt in the bottom of the foot?

Does the pain travel up the calf, into the thigh or the lower back?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
No, when it happens it is piercing through the inner ankle. I've had sciatica pain for years but doesn't seem connected. For the past 4 months I have suffered from pain from my tailbone which hasn't bothered me in years. It broke off - doctor said floating - back in 1997 from a fall.
Generally most pains that involve the ankle usually occur continuously, as they are the result of tendonitis, or fractures, or pressure on nerves.

A sharp, sudden pain which doesn't happen all the time seems to be related to nerve issues.

If there was a fracture, for example, your ankle would hurt with any weightbearing -- all the time. The tendon inflammation would tend to be less sharp, and be more constant in nature.

But because the issue seems to be limited to the inside of the ankle, there are many possibilities, including: arthritis, fracture of the navicular bone, posterior tibial tendon inflammation/weakness, tarsal tunnel, and others. Or there is nerve irritation going on, which causes the sudden pain, and that can be from anywhere along the length of the nerve, starting in the lower back down to the ankle.

This is tough to figure out when it only has happened twice, but certainly if it worsens and becomes more frequent, having an exam and evaluation in person would help with the diagnosis.
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