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What is c-5-6 Osseous ridging and some spurring seen to the

Resolved Question:

What is c-5-6 Osseous ridging and some spurring seen to the right of the midline. This is causing mass effect along the anterior right thecal sac and partially effaces csf signal anterior to the cord . there is mild stenosis of the canal seen associated with this finding , the neural foramen appear normal
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Ken replied 6 years ago.

I can understand your anxiety.

These findings are seen on either CT or MRI scan of cervical spine. Cervical spine has 7 vertebra with intervertebral discs. With degeneration there is formation of new bone {osteophytes or ridges} at the margins of vertebra. These reduce the mobility of the spine and more importantly cause pressure or mass effect over the cord and exiting nerve roots. Mild stenosis of the canal can be because of them too. Neural foramen are small openings on the side of the vertebral column from where the nerve roots exit the spine at each vertebral level. In some individuals these osteophytes can reduce there diameter and cause pinching of the nerve root here too.

The symptoms can be weakness/ tingling/ numbness or pain at the region where the nerve supply is concerned.

Wish you well. God bless
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