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My husband was on Requip-time released (6mg) and doctor is

Resolved Question:

My husband was on Requip-time released (6mg) and doctor is taking him off due to side effects. He is down to 2mg -time released for 9 days. Is 9 days enough time to stop it all together? He is have hallunicinations and neither one of us really cant take much more.

Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr PG (M.D.) replied 6 years ago.
Kindly give some more information regarding your question-
- since when is your husband on Requip-time released?
- why was he put on this medicine?
- is he on any other medicines?
- what is his age?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
He has been on Requip for Parkinsons probably at least a year. He started out at 1mg. He started falling so after several increases, was 6mg. He started having audio hallunications. He is also on 12.5 mg antivert, mirapex 2 1/2 mg at night only for restless leg, Sinement 50/200 three times a day. Doctor has been playing with meds trying to figure out which drug is causing the hallunications. Requip seems to be the culprit. He is 64yr.
Expert:  Dr PG (M.D.) replied 6 years ago.
Requip Timed Release can be tapered off in patients of Parkinson's over 7 days
Read more here
Hence I would recommend considering stopping the same, though it is always advisable to get your physician in to the picture BEFORE doing so,
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