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I have an infected cyst between my breasts, where my

Resolved Question:

I have an infected cyst between my breasts, where my cleavage is. I had this cyst lanced about 5 years ago, but it gradually grew back, smaller than before and caused no problems until about a week ago, when it got larger (twice the size) and reddened. I had bronchitis and a viral eye infection which I attributed to the cyst problem. My doctor prescribed an antibiotic for the bronchitis and my eye doctor prescribed a steroidal drops solution for my eye. Now the cyst is sore and feels tight like a pimple ready to burst. The last time a doctor in an Immedi-Center prescribed an antibiotic (amoxicyllin) which I was allergic to as I developed a rash. When I returned to be treated for the rash he looked again at the cyst and we decided he lance it in the office. I'd like to have it aspirated by a needle rather than lanced. I am going away in 2 weeks and don't want to take the time for antibiotics, if they don't take, but would like to get this out right away, so that it can heal before I go away. Should I go to my regular doctor, an internist, who treated my bronchitis? Would she be able to aspirate it in her office, or refer me to a skin doctor? Thank you
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. Abby replied 6 years ago.

Your internist will be able to properly treat this.
A skin abscess, to be completely honest with you, needs to be opened and drained in order for it to heal.
Aspiration of the pus is not the standard of care for a skin abscess (unless very small). This is due to the fact that pus is not easy to aspirate due to its thickness and not all of the pus can be removed which allows the infection to persist.

But in answer to your original question, your internist can treat this in his/her office, regardless if it is small enough for aspiration or needs to be opened and drained.

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Dr Abby

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