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Dr. Sohaib
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Scab Like Boogers in the Nose Everyday for 3 months

Resolved Question:

For past three months I have scab like boogers in my nose every day. When I blow my nose I am surprised at how large they are. I will get 5 or 6 out of each side of my nose each day. A bit of red stain blood comes out with them. No nose bleeding however. My nose seems a bit stuffy in the AM but disappears after I get moving and blow my nose. What is causing this?

Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. Sohaib replied 6 years ago.

Welcome to JustAnswer.
Sorry to hear about your problem.
It is not much of a problem just never had it before and wonder about it

Dr. Sohaib :
Do you have any concurrent medical illness like diabetes, hypertension or heart disease? Any medications that you take on regular basis?
I do have hypertension and am borderline diabetic.
I take Two medicines. Atenonol and new one Lisinopril

Dr. Sohaib :
And do you have cough, shortness of breath or any other respiratory symptom?

Dr. Sohaib :
No feel fine.

Dr. Sohaib :
Distaste of mouth?

Dr. Sohaib :
Boogers are actually dried-up mucus which is a thin, slippery material found inside the nose...The glands in your nose produce mucus. It moistens and cleans the nasal membranes, humidifes air, traps and clears inhaled foreign matter, and fights infection.
These are like big scabs.

Dr. Sohaib :
Yes, i am coming to that, as unusually large, crusty boogers, which cause minimal bleed when removed suggest an abnormality...

A number of conditions which cause infection and inflammation of nasal mucosa can result in hard and crusty boogers.These include various types of rhinitis, and sinusitis....

Another important differential is "Weigener's granulomatosis" which causes nasal crusting with respiratory symptoms....

In my opinion you need to see your ENT doctor, as a detailed medical examination of nose will aid in identifying the actual cause of your problem....
No problem breathing, no cough, so sinus problems.

Dr. Sohaib :
Yeah, thats why weigener's appear unlikely...

While awaiting consultation you can benefit from these tips;
* Dont blow off too hard
* daily wash your nose with water
* try to avoid dust
In case of pain, you can take tylenol....
Maybe it is just winter and dry air.

Dr. Sohaib :
Possibly, but its important to rule out any pathological process, by a simple clinical examination..
OK. Thanks.

Dr. Sohaib :
I hope this answers your question...
Kindest Regards...

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