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my 92 year old mother is now sleeping all the time, even when

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my 92 year old mother is now sleeping all the time, even when she is up in her wheelchair she falls asleep while visiting with you. she has health issues as well but I'm wondering if she is just trying to check out so to speak, I know she is tired of living with all her ailments mostly caused by old age. she has always been very sharp and very independant so this sleeping all the time and not so interested in her surroundings and happenings just makes me wonder if she is just tired and ready to see whats next..My botXXXXX XXXXXne question is; do people especially much older people who's body may be starting to give up develope this sleep issue of sleeping all day 12-14 hours and when you insist they get up and move a bit fall right back to's almost like she just wants to drift off quietly and move on to whatever is next. what do you think, this is a big change for her, she has always been the matriarc(?), and very with it for her age with some age onset dementia with good days and bad but now this big change doesn,t seem to be a phase but more like "hey I'm just tired and ready to give up peacefully". thank you for you input. Mardi

Hi Mardi. Welcome to JustAnswer. I shall try my best to assist you while you are corresponding with me.


Q. What ailments does she have? Names please.


Q. What long term medication is she taking?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
she is diabetic,since age 65 and has never followed correct diet for that. She has artritis throughout her body,bad shoulder (bone to bone), hip replacement at age 83. Some dementia not really to bad, excellent long term memory,poor short term memory. She has a pacemaker last 12 years.
She take insulin; she is given 30mg of morphine must be 3x a day because her script is qty 90 ER and 5mg oxycodone qty 90 . all this is for pain, she is in cronic pain from the arthritis and shoulder, I believe she has to ask for the percocet which she never does because she forgets.Oxycontin 10mg CR qty 60. she tales a vitamin tab-D-400 60 qty must be 2x a day, Lipitor 20mg 1x a day, metoprol tar tab 25mg 1x ady, Aricept 10mg 1x a day Ferrous sulf tab 325 qty 60 so 2 x a day Lantus inj 100/ml qty10 p/month, Furosemide tab 20mg qyt 30 so 1x day ,Certa-Vite tab/Lutein qty30 so 1x day and Lisinop/Hctz tab 10-12.5 qty 30 I think twice a day, Azopt Sus 1% OP qty 15, Aspir-Low 81mg qty 30(think thats in place of cumidine) she almost died from overdose of cumidine level was at 20 if you can beleive that yes she was hospitalized poor thing she has had a bout with her age and believe it or not I know this sounds like alot of meds, but she is in an assisted living facility for past 2 years and when she got there and the meds got straightened out she was awsome, mind sharp as a tack and doing great. Her meds were cut drastically and she really has done great with the once in while dementia...but as I mentioned now all she does in sleep and you can hardly hold conversation, she eats like a bird but has always liked her glass of wine, she doesn't even drink that anymore. She has always been tough as nails, thats why I wonder if she is just plain wore out and is tired. The sleep thing is just not like her, she has been doing this for about a month or month and a half. alot of info I know..I took the meds off her med invoice I hope this helps!

Thanks for the very detailed and informative reply, it is good to know that you care so much for her.

The sleepiness can be a sign of many conditions owing to her medical history and the medications she is on. To start off with - Age, tiredness, fatigue and sleeping throughout the day can be due to senility itself.

However, the medications she is on are mostly opiods in nature and can induce fatigue, lethargy, tiredness and sleepiness through out the day as well as a groggy feeling when she is not asleep.

Electrolyte imbalances as in her case because of Furosemide (a diuretic - water pill) can cause deficiency of sodium and potassium and this can cause sleepiness and fatigue and an altered mental status.

Encephalopathy - a far fetched cause but can be due to liver failure due to a lot of hepatotoxic drugs in her script.

Insufficient blood flow to the brain - in her case due to carotid artery stenosis and/or the paccemaker disorder.

At the end although she does not show any other features of Hypothyroidism but this should also be added to the differentials since at her age more or less the symptoms are less pronounced.

To evaluate all the causes, there are simple tests both blood work and clinical.

She should have her full blood count, thyroid function tests, a full metabolic panel (serum electrolytes), liver function tests, kidney function tests, Doppler ultrasound of the carotid arteries, ECHO and EKG for the pacemaker and heart.

A level of opiods can be checked in her blood using simple blood tests for opiate levels and can be interpreted to be in excess and if so the doses can be modified.

Other than that sleep studies, EEG will also help rule out organic and inorganic conditions related to the brain itself.

She needs to check in with her physician for all the above tests and a detailed clinical evaluation. These seem like a lot of things to go about but most of them will be done in the first visit and the remainder on a given date.

Again, the list of differentials is long and once a condition is identified, it can be eradicated successfully with the proper medical attention - increasing her quality of life in her age.

Hope this helps.
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