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Dr Uzair
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I had an ultra sound of my neck and have 50% blockage on the

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I had an ultra sound of my neck and have 50% blockage on the left side. I have been
dizzy the past year and have had MRI, saw ENT, Hearing aid Doctor, physical therapy and a massage therapist to no avail. My Doctor told me he would keep a check on the blockage
but my personal opinion would be to have the plague cleaned out about before it's too late.
My wife was determined I have an ultra sound on my neck & she keeps saying the slow
flow of blood on my left side could be the problem. I don't want to take a blood thinner
but will if that's the best option. Any consideration would be appreciated.

Hi. Welcome to JustAnswer. I shall try my best to assist you while you are corresponding with me.

With 50 percent blockage and that too on one side it is unlikely that you should experience any symptoms at all. But if this is a bilateral blockage then 50 percent will be sufficient to cause symptoms.

Technically, you should be on a blood thinner like a baby aspirin a day and also on lipid lowering drugs like statins or some of the other ones.

I suggest you get a CT Angiography done to assess the severity and pregression of this condition and to rule out any thromboembolic phenomenon such as microemboli that might have caused an infarct somewhere higher up causing your symptoms.

Surgery to remove the plaque at this point in time is not recommended with 50 percent blockage on one side. However, if the disease progresses then an endovascular procedure such as cartoid angioplasty (stenting) can be considered as an option.

Hope this helps.
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