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Does pain medication cause hot flashes like chills and

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Does pain medication cause hot flashes like chills and sweats any time I eat or drink, and all through the night and day. I am 47 and post menepausal with no period for over a year.

You seem to be suffering from gustatory hyperhidrosis which is a normal physiological phenomenon in most people and may be treated with use of anticholinergic drugs, aluminum chloride application and use of injections of botulinium toxin.In refractory cases surgical treatment can be used

Pain medication does not cause this.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I just went through a serious surgery and I'm still in recovery, What do these terms mean in laymans terms, I have never heard of a phisiological condition that may need injections and or surgery. What is Aluminum Chloride and Botulinium Toxins What would I possibly respectfully ***** ***** doctor for to help me?

Sorry for the delay in reply.
I was offline and was unable to answer.

Physiological means that it is consistent with normal functioning of body and is not caused by a disease.

Aluminum chloride is an anti perspirant and would decrease swelling.

Botulinium toxin is a toxin which has got myriad indications.One of it is to decrease the sweating from hyperactive sweat glands.

You should discuss with your doctor the condition of gustatory hyperhidrosis and treatment required for it.
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