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Is anyone familiar with Adrenal Fatigue Is this a real illness

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Is anyone familiar with Adrenal Fatigue? Is this a real illness or a gimmick by BotXXXXX XXXXXne Secrets and Dr. Mark Stengler? He is selling a product called Adrenal Performance plus that will supposedly cure my fatigue, muscle aches, joint pain and overall run down feeling.
One doctor has already suggested I could have abnormal levels of cortisol and this is one of the things addressed by this supplement. But it's very expensive. Should I take a chance and give it a try or could I end up doing more damage than good?
If I should try talking to my PCP again, what should I say or how should I say it so that she will take me seriously? I'm tired of being shrugged off and/or patronize by Dr.'s for the past 4 years. What is the key to getting a Dr. to sit up and pay attention to the patient and take him/her seriously???!!
Adrenal fatigue is a theory being put into practice and is approached differently by each practitioner to some extent.

Stress that is constant causes strain on the adrenals.

Unfortunately, high doses of vitamin C, very cheap, might do just as well as expensive supplements. There is no study at all on the supplement you mention, in terms of people and clinical trials.

Cortisol can be ascertained with a 24 hour urine free cortisol collection.
This will define if you have normal levels.

Adrenal fatigue practitioners play on the variability of secretion during the day.....if you are low all morning you are fatigued, then when it goes high in the afternoon this is a stress response.

I have no doubt that there are ways of resting the adrenals and supporting them, but you would be better off working with a doctor who has a system, is trained, and can treat you through measurement.

One group that does this can be found at
They can let you know physicians in your area.

good luck

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
WOW! For once an intelligent answer! That makes total sense and thank-you for the link! You are awesome!