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What is a strained kidney What causes a strained kidney What

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What is a strained kidney? What causes a strained kidney? What treatment is recommended for strained kidney?
What are your present symptom?
Were any investigations done for the kidneys?If yes, What were test result?
Are you suffering from any medical conditions?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Ihave had pain from my right kidney for several days. It is slowly subsiding. I had an ultrasound done a few days ago. It determined that I did not have a kidney stone. I am a diabetic. The condition was in controll for over 11 yrs, but has been out of control for the last 2 mos. I also have a pacemaker.
Thank for the inputs.
1.Strained kidneys- You might call kidneys strained when the function of kidneys is compromised, that is they function to lesser extent then they should be.
2.Causes - There are large list of causes which can cause this.Common causes are stone, diabetes,nephritis,metabolic disorders,congenital anomalies,drug side effect, drug abuse or autoimmune diseases etc.The list is quiet long.
3.Treatment- Treatment is generally directed towards underlying cause which has resulted in strained kidneys.Like in your case diabetes might be the underlying cause so effective control diabetes is desired.Other thing is reducing filtering load over kidney by optimizing fluid and salt intake ,changes in lifestyle and diet.Important thing is to avoid further strain on kidney by effectively treating the underlying cause.Please ask if there are further questions or you you want me to explain anything. Thank you take care.
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