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I am having mid back pain radiating around to front and

Resolved Question:

I am having mid back pain radiating around to front and tenderness in right side under ribs. What could be the possibilities and should I see immediate medical help?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr.Sawhney replied 6 years ago.

This type of pain can be due to a number of reasons.These include

  • Gall Bladder and Liver disorders including gall bladder stones or inflammation of the gall bladder and any cause causing distension of capsule of liver as pain in liver occurs when capsule is distended
  • Hepatic flexure of colon also lies in the area and any disease affecting the colon can cause pain in the area.Irritable bowel syndrome can also cause intermittent pain in the area
  • Disorders involving the kidney like stones or infections involving the kidney as well as collection of urine in kidney in hydronephrosis is also a possible cause
  • Any disease of the pleura that is the covering of lung or the lung itself may also be responsible.
  • Angina too can present with pain in the area.

You need to get this seen and investigated as many different causes are possible and something like angina or acute cholecystitis may require immediate attention.

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