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crackling noise in ear when lying down. Last several minutes.

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crackling noise in ear when lying down. Last several minutes. Some dizzyness when turning head. Had a fall in Oct. involved hospital and MRI's
Are you feeling hearing loss?

Do you feel a whooshing sound or pulse like sound in ear?

Is this in one or both ears?

Do you have any sympXXXXX XXXXXke nasal obstruction, nasal discharge, fluid trickling in throat, fever?

Do you feel like spinning sensation?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
It is only in the left ear. None of those other signs.

Thanks for your reply.


There are few possible causes for your symptoms. This can be an infection of the inner ear, can be a condition called benign paroxysmal positional vertigo which can occur after head trauma but crackling noises are not there. Crackling noises in the ear can be due to problem in inner ear but sometime middle ear problems can cause this too but the dizziness definitely means that there is some problem going on in your inner ear. I suggest that you should visit your ENT doctor at the earliest because you are in need of complete examination and investigations like Pure tone audiometry etc. Till you visit your ENT doctor you can take OTC tab Prochlorperazine thrice daily for three days, this will help you with dizziness. If you develop one of the following symptoms you should visit even ER because in that case you may need some immediate advise. These includes worsening of sounds in ears, hearing loss etc.

Again my advise will be an earliest possible visit to ENT doctor and if not possible due to holidays then local doctor or ER.


I hope this helps you.


I wish you good luck, if you want to ask anything , please feel free.


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Dr Hasan

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