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I have a tickly cough and it will not go away, i am not

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I have a tickly cough and it will not go away, i am not sleeping and it is exhausting me now. I have had the cough for 3 weeks please help

Do you cough up sputum?
Any shortness of breath?
Did you get a sore throat too prior to onset of this cough?
Any other symptoms?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.


No I am not coughing up any sputum

I do have some shortness of breath - I am asthmatic (but only mild), however luckily I dont feel too out of breath.

I dont remember getting a sore throat - Seem to have picked this up since coming home from Trinidad where it was very hot and here is very very cold.

I went to my GP last week and she said it would go of its own accord, but it has been three weeks now and without sleep it is now affecting my work - I am totally exhausted.

Thanks for further information.

Sudden change in weather can lead to dry cough but if it was because of change in weather it should have resolved by now.

Several different causes need to be considered.Topmost in the list is exacerbation of your asthma as it can also get worse with sudden change in temperature and may not resolve without more intensive treatment.
Other causes can include gastro esophageal reflux which is due to regurgitation of acid into the throat and this can be silent without producing any heart burn symptoms.
More serious cause can be heart failure but this is usually associated with shortness of breath and other signs like swelling in feet.
Another possible cause is use of blood pressure lowering medicines like ACE inhibitors like enalapril and if you are using these medicines these may be responsible.Anyway your chest needs to be seen by a doctor again so that appropriate investigations and treatment can be started.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.


Thank you for your answer

However my doctor told me that there was nothing she can do - she said my chest sounded clear and I do not need anti biotic.

I have been taking every cough medicine under the sun and nothing relieves my symptoms, should I go ask for some sleeping tablets as this is my main concern now?

The gastro esophageal reflux possibility is interesting as whilst I was in Trinidad I suffered with terrible acid feflux but just put it down to the spicy diet out there!

I am not using any blood pressure lowering tablets so it can't be this.

The swelling of the feet is a worry though, again whilst I was in Trinidad my ankles swole up like balloons ( I was umpiring hockey whilst there) so i just put that down to the heat and to much exercise - luckily I have not been short of breath so thats a good sign right?

I will go see my doctor again but in the meantime can you recommend anything to help relieve my symptoms and more importantly sleep!



Dear *****

You may use dextromethorphan and codeine containing cough remedies for sleep and cough suppression.These can be had OTC from your local pharmacy.
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