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Tip of my nose has been sore and tender to the touch

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Hi, the tip of my nose has been really tender to the touch for 4 days. No head aches, nothing else around my face hurts and i feel fine. Do you know what that might be and what can I do to take care of this problem. Should I go see my doctor Monday and I just want to take care of it so it doesn't get worse.
Thank you, Jim

Is the nose red or do you have any change in color of the skin?
Also, do you currently have any eye or ear problems?
Finally, do you have a history of HSV (herpes) of either the oral or genital variety?
a little red spot and not sure about herpes
no eye or ear problems

911Doctor :
any exposure to cold... frostbite?
no frostbite but just work outside lately in the cold and it's been cold

911Doctor :
okay, that's number one on my list... perhaps a little frostbite to the nose... frostnip... will get better....

number two...
this is from a web page on herpes zosert ophthalmicus... it's why i asked about herpes... this is dangerous and often what appears first is a little bump on the nose... since you have had yours for four days i really doubt you have this... but take a look anyway...

Ocular manifestations of HZ can vary in time of onset, and patients may have only ophthalmic symptoms without the typical skin rash. One prognostic indicator is the Hutchinson sign, the appearance of typical HZ lesions at the tip, side, or root of the nose; this is shown in the images below. This is the area of skin innervated by the anterior ethmoidal branch of the nasociliary nerve. Because the nasociliary nerve also innervates the cornea such skin lesions may herald ocular involvement. The prognostic value of the Hutchinson sign has been validated in one study.7

if you had the HZO you would have eye problems and the little dot would rapidly get bigger and you would go to the ER because it would hurt so bad... if this happens, go straight to the ER because the eye is in danger....

but again... you don't have this by the way you describe your history...just trying to be complete...
maybe it's a good idea to go to urgent care tonight just in case. $120 where I live and just wandering HZO can be treated if caught early and you mean the little red dot on my nose correct

911Doctor :
yes... but if you are not having eye symptoms unlikely. still , not a bad idea just to be safe.. they will put some orange dye in your eye and make sure... and don't be surprised it the urgent care doc doesn't have clue what you are talking about... it's one of the few eye emergencies that doesn't involve trauma and most non ER docs don't know about it...
Just one more. How serious is HZO

911Doctor :
early in the course it's curable and eyesight is preserved... let go and blindness can result... but let me re-emphasize... i don't believe you have it based on your story... only way to tell is with a good exam though... if they don't stain your eye and look at it with a black light they haven't checked for HZO.
thank you and have a good nite

911Doctor :
you do the same.

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