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Why do my legs hurt so much(muscular)? This started after an

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Why do my legs hurt so much(muscular)? This started after an intense gastro virus and sinus infection which then progressed to mono.
My PCP, OBGyn, Allergist and GI Dr's all have no idea. What's going on? It's been 4 years and it's just getting worse, today I cried from the intensity of the pain(I believe I had this attack due to 2 hours sleep the night before). And now I'm so tired from the pain. By evening the pain has subsided so that it is bearable.
I have leg pain on a daily basis(painful to come down the stairs in the morning), but some days are worse than others and the pain moves around from my legs to my knees to my lower back or my shoulder and neck and sometimes my arms.
I also suffer from migraines as well as tendonitis in my wrists.
My tests aren't consistent, my thyroid and adalase were elavated, then went to normal within a month.
I had a vit D difficiency for a while, then back to normal after treatment.
My prolactin gland use to fluctuate alot when I was younger.
I have respiratory allergies, food sensitivities and chronic sinusitis as well as bad IBS.
I am also on Depo-Provera and was recently diagnosed with endometriosis and ovarian cysts when I came off it after 12 years-told to go back on the Depo to prevent more cysts and endo growth. Also diagnosed with intercystial cytitis.
Dear customer,
Welcome to Just Answer.Post Viral Myalgia is a common occurrence after viral may include post viral fatigue syndrome involving fatigue,headaches and lassitude.Pain in various muscles and joints may be seen..It may involve impaired memory,unrefreshing sleep,frequent sore throat and shortness of breath.Graded exercise therapy and analgesics like Paracetmol/Ibubrufen are used for treatment.The disease may persist for quite some time despite therapy.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thank-you for the reply. I've never heard of this disease, is there a test that can be done to verify it or are there other things that should be ruled out first? The prognosis is very disheartening... how long is 'quite some time'?
There is no fixed period.The recovery would normally occur in 8-12weeks but in some cases may take much longer.Recovery does occur in most cases.Analgesic,anti-inflammatory drugs help.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Yeah, that doesn't sound right for me, I've been having this problem for about 4 years now.
The disease may persist for many years in some cases.Fibromyalgia and autoimmune diseases would be the other possibilities.Tests to rule outRA,SLE , Polymyositis and Systemic Sclerosis need to be done.Peripheral vascular disease and vascular insufficiency of the leg vessels can be checked by a Doppler Study,periheral neuropathy causing such pain may need a EMG and Nerve conduction Velocity study to help in the diagnosis.Lastly ruling out lumbosacral spinal canal stenosis and spinal nerve root compression by a MRI Scan will be helpful
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