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What does absolute lymphocyte count low mean?

Resolved Question:

I have low lymphocyte absolute count what does it mean?

Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. SH replied 6 years ago.

It would help me answer your question better if you could answer some of the following questions:

How low is the count?

What symptoms do you have, if any?

Why did you have this test done?

What is your age and gender?

Do you have any medical conditions that you are suffering from?

Are you on any medications for anything?


JACUSTOMER-4mm71wvk- :

The absolute lymphocyte count is 1.3 x 10 (then an upward arrow) 9/L.

I had a full blood count as routine. No symptoms,I am 60 yr old man, I have high Choleterol (treated). I take Crestor

Dr. Shahzad MD :

What is your total white cell count (called as the TLC)?

JACUSTOMER-4mm71wvk- :

Is that the WCC? It is 9.38 x 10(then the upward arrow) 9/L


Dr. Shahzad MD :

That is great, and nothing to worry about in that regard

JACUSTOMER-4mm71wvk- :

So what about the low absolute lymphocyte count?

Dr. Shahzad MD :
The absolute lymphocyte count that you are having is just below the lower limit of normal meaning that it is nothing too alarming and the most common cause of a slightly low lymphocyte count is infections and the most common infections are viral infections

So most likely this could be as a result of a transient viral infection that you may have experienced that caused your counts to fall a little bit.

Other things that can cause a slightly low count is severe stress, strenuous physical exercise which result in release of cortisol in the body which is a type of steroid produced in the body that can result in a slightly low count

JACUSTOMER-4mm71wvk- :

I did have a low count a few months ago too. Could it last a few months?

Dr. Shahzad MD :Dr. Shahzad MD :

A low count as a result of infections should not last for months. It should resolve in a period of time which is usually in a few weeks at the most. However with your slightly low lymphocyte count with you having no symptoms I would just monitor your counts and that is all

Just one more question if you do not mind. Are you sexually active and monogamous?

JACUSTOMER-4mm71wvk- :

I had an encounter 8 months ago, I am divorced. Had all the sexual disease tests including HIV after 3 months of the exposure all neg. I am hetrosexual

Dr. Shahzad MD :

That is great. I just wanted to rule out HIV. Which you have already had done

So at the present moment I would not worry with these counts and would just monitor them say every three to six months.

If they continue to drop then I would like to investigate further. However if they remain stable there is nothing to worry about

JACUSTOMER-4mm71wvk- :

Thank you, ***** ***** get another test done. Do you think that the 3 month HIV test was sufficient?

Dr. Shahzad MD :

Yes it was sufficient. You may want to repeat a test at six months just to be dead sure

JACUSTOMER-4mm71wvk- :

Ok Thanks for your help. What is the range for lymphocyte absolute in Australia

Dr. Shahzad MD :

Well, all over the world if the absolute lymphocyte count is less than 1500 it is said to be on the lower side... meaning 1.5, your count is slightly below this at 1.3 so that is not too bad at all

JACUSTOMER-4mm71wvk- :

Thank you for your help

Dr. Shahzad MD :

You are most welcome

JACUSTOMER-4mm71wvk- :


Dr. Shahzad MD :

Take care

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