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What could cause the taste of pus in my mouth all the time,

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What could cause the taste of pus in my mouth all the time, but no infection shows on an mri. I can push on my cheek and the taste intensifies. If I sleep on my side, my face is swollen.
Hello and welcome to justanswer!
Is there any swelling near angle of jaw?
Have you ruled out dental infection ?
Pain anywhere in the mouth?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

There is slight swelling in my cheek from below my eye to the jawbone. The roof of my mouth is swollen as well, changing my speech slightly. There is pain in my jaw, gums, side of face.

This all started with an abyss of a tooth with a root canal. The tooth had to be removed and there was a lot of infection at the site. On removing the tooth, a hole was created into my sinus. That hole was closed after the infection was treated. Then a bubble formed on the roof of my mouth at the front, although the removed tooth was on the side toward the back. I pushed on it and a lot of pus and blood came out. Then a cyst developed and was removed from the roof of my mouth, but the roof became swollen again almost immediately. I have a constant taste of pus; if I push on my cheek, something comes out, tasting like pus.

The bone scan and mri do not show any infection and I am at a loss. I don't want to stay on pain meds and have pain if I don't take them. Sleeping is difficult, moving around helps the pain. I can't deal with the horrible taste in my mouth.

Thank you very muc for your detauled input.
Here you are . Because of the root canal procedure , there had been an embedded infection inside your maxillary sinus , which is already laden with infection from the nose.Now there is infection involving organisms , which are resistant to ordinary antibiotics and they are forming tremendous pus pushing floor of the mouth downwards causing a cyst in the roof mouth.there is some small opening through your tooth causing leakage of pus downwards into mouth causing PUS like taste.This material may not be radio opaque thus not visible on MRI and scan etc.I think you can do an ordinary X-RAY PNS for this purpose along with Culture and sensitivity test to isolate the organisms involved and the right kind of treatment ( antibiotic ) for this purpose.Show the results to the maxilofacial surgeon and the matter will be solved.
Hope i have answered your question.
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Will the x-ray show infection that the mri did not? Can this infection from the removed absyssed tooth cause the puss inside my cheek as well as the roof of my mouth and gum/jaw? Do you think the main site is where the tooth was pulled? And do I see a dentist or the ear/nose/throat doctor. That's another part of the problem, I get passed back and forth because it has seemed not to be an easy answer.
Ok and good questions.
The photons of x-rays behave differently asper the density of the object through which they pass through .Like for metal they show white on the film .For bone lesser white, for sift tissue like muscle and fat dark grayish and for fluids grayish.On the other hand they will show black and radiolucent image for air or gas etc.Now if there is pus or infected fluid in the maxillary sinus above the abyss of your tooth , it will be somewhat grayish and in x-rays they are more prominent , unlike MRI which is although very sensitive, yet mainly used for sift tissues, bones etc.I think manly , the infection might have spread from the base of the tooth and had link with the floor of the sinus above.You should see both A dentist and an ENT.God bless please never hasitate if you have follow up questions.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Thank you so much for your help and information. The relief of having an avenue to pursue is such a relief, and knowing that I'm not crazy because I knew I had an infection, but was being told I did not is tremendous.

Again, thank you.

You are most welcome and take care.