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Dr. Abby
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I have a small peashaped bump under my skin on my chest. I

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Hi, I have a small peashaped bump under my skin on my chest. I have squeezed it before and it pops like a zit but it never clears out and goes away - I can feel the bump very clearly under my skin, it's quite hard. Ever since I began popping it has grown bigger as well. Does this sound serious ?

Does it have a pinpoint hole in the top of it?
Does the material you express out of it look thick/white or cheese like?
Does it ever become painful and red?

dr Abby
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Thanks for your response.

No pinpoint hole on it no. I usually try to pop it every few days (I prob shouldn't but I can't resist). The skin at the top usually just breaks and the material is usually thick and yellowish (like a normal acne spot). Then I leave it and after few days skin heels again but I can feel the bump is still there. It is slightly red around the edges but doesn't hurt or painful to touch no.

Thank you for clarifying,

How long have you had it?
What is the size of it?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I first noticed it about 3 months ago, it was a very tiny bump under my skin. I thought it was a spot, so tried to pop it and thick lightly yellow material came out. Ever since then I have tried to pop it once or twice a week thinking it was just a spot but the bump under my skin began growing and right now it is the size of a pie. If you run the fingers over my skin you can clearly feel the bump. It is right above my right nipple.
It may be a sebaceous cyst/epidermoid cyst, which are common on the torso. These are benign cysts that develop below the skin and are harmless. Usually, however, the material that is expressed from them is cre***** ***** or very light and cheesy.

I do think that part of the reason it is not healing is because you have not allowed it to by manipulating it over and over. I would try to leave it alone for two weeks to see if it improves.
Sebaceous cysts do not go away completely, however. They remain as bumps below the skin.

If it continues to worsen, I would have your doctor take a look.

Here is an article that describes these cysts: take a look and see if this sounds like what you have:

If not, I would have your doctor take a look. It does sound like some sort of cyst from what you are describing.

Feel free to ask any follow up questions you may have,

Dr Abby

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