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I have a burning sensation on my right knee. It is under the

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I have a burning sensation on my right knee. It is under the skin and only hurts when touched. Otherwise, no pain. But sometimes even the top sheet running across it causes some discomfort. If I put a lot of pressure on it, like grazing it when kneeling, it is extreme. It does not hurt when I walk at all. And, just to bend it is not painful, but if something touches it or I rub it across something while I am bending it, it is also extreme. There is no knot or bump or redness or anything on the outside of the skin that would indicate anything is wrong. It does not hurt when I exercise. I can put pressure on the spot that hurts with my fingers, but I don't get the same reaction. It sounds crazy. Maybe I am, but the sharp, burning pain is real. Thank you! The specific location of the pain is just barely past my kneecap extending down and to the right. Is that a tendon and could it just be tendonitis?

I am an orthopedic surgeon and would be glad to help.

Do you have any numbness too?
Any tingling?
When you compare both the knees do you feel that the front of knee is more prominent on the affected side?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
No, no numbness or tingling. Really can't tell any difference in my knees. They are kind of boney.
Thanks for further information.

This seems most likely to be due to involvement of a cutaneous nerve which supplies the area of the leg you describe.
This involvement can be due to multiple reasons including injury to the nerve or entrapment of the nerve at any point in its course.
Systemic causes like deficiency of Vitamin B12 etc... may also be responsible.

This does not seem like tendinitis.

You should have a doctor look at this.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Thank you for your answer but I was wondering what is a cutaneous nerve? I also take a multi-vitamin containing B-12. You mentioned injury. What type of injury could cause this and what is "entrapment"? I will definitely consult my physician, but would like your input and additional info, please. Thank you.

A cutaneous nerve is a branch of the main nerve which supplies sensation to an area of skin.Cutaneous means relating to skin.

Deficiency of Vitamin B12 is only one possibility.

Injury can occur due to repetitive rubbing of an area where the nerve runs or can be due to direct trauma or can be due to sustained pressure exerted on the nerve for example tight clothing can sometimes lead to nerve getting injured as the cutaneous nerves lie very superficial.
Entrapment means the the nerve gets trapped under a tight bodily structure like a tight fascia which is a layer of tissue between fat and muscle or between two muscle compartments.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Wow, okay, will I need an x-ray to determine this diagnosis? If in fact, this is what it turns out to be, will it just eventually go away, or is there a treatment?
X ray is not a helpful investigation for this.
Whether it can get better on its own or requires treatment and what type of treatment will depend upon what is the underlying cause.You may require investigation of nerve conduction study.
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