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I have recurring purple bruises on my inner thighs. Not spots,

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I have recurring purple bruises on my inner thighs. Not spots, just one large big bruise on each leg and not always at the same time. I first noticed them when I was pregnant 1 year ago. Often it would look like a bluish line about 3/4" wide and 4" long. I woke up today and out of nowhere there is a big purple bruise that looks to have a tail. It looks like a big tadpole that is hanging downward towards my feet. This bruise, exactly like the ones a few months ago is directly in the middle and on the inner thigh. It is hard (kinda), and I positively did NOT hit it. What could it be?
Easy bruising is most often due to capillary fragility as we age. very small blood vessels become fragile.
Good nutrition, extra vitamin C, and a supplement called grape seed extract might help with this but unfortunately we don't have a good proven treatment.

It is also important though that you rule out an underlying platelet problem, so you need a blood test called a CBC with differential.
If the doc ordering this is very concerned, he/she can order a lab called pt/PTT to make sure you do not have any other bleeding tendencies, but from your description, this does not sound like it is the case.

See your doctor
Maybe pt/ptt

Consider improving diet [mostly whole plant foods] losing weight, reducing stress.
Extra vitamin C and grape seed extract.

Good luck
Good luck
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I do not bruise easily. I did not write that. Although most people do, I do not need to lose weight, I am 5'10" and I weigh 138. The answer you gave me is very standard and the same I can get from Wikipedia. I am telling you a very specific size, shape and area of a recurring bruise and I am looking for a more specific answer.
Is the area I am describing where there is any sort of artery or anything? and what do you make of the 4-5" "tail" on this bruise?
There is the femoral arterial in that area, which is a major artery.
However, if it were involved this would be a major problem.
This is an area of stress with the "quad" muscles inserting into the pelvis, so some people are prone to groin muscle tears. You are not describing this though and the bruising would not be as far down as I think you are describing.
Another question is raised as to whether this is even a bruise, or an inflammatory response of the smaller blood vessels which can happen in certain collagen vascular diseases, but the isolation to a specific and distinct area would be unusual.
And this has happened only twice without other symptoms from what I understand.
An ANA panel and a SED rate, {esr} two simple tests would rule out hidden disease, including auto-immune, infection and cancer.
There is a very good possibility you are not going to find a cause to this.
One more test, dopplers if the lower extremities, would be able to show the blood flow through the veins and arteries, which would give some good indication if there is a more major circulatory problem.

Based on exam, your physician should decide on any or all of the tests I've mentioned.
Good luck again
Good luck
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