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I have pain in my wrist which gives way occasionally when weight

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I have pain in my wrist which gives way occasionally when weight bearing. I have now begun to experience sharp pain going along the long bones as well as aches in back, shoulders and joints. What could be causing this.
Is this only in one arm?dt
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Left wrist is main culprit and it seems to be left side of my body that hurts more but aching (like mestrual cramp pain) occurs in both ankles and back, right shoulder. Pain is constant in left wrist, intermittent in other areas. Thank you, Nikki.
Two things might be going on.
The wrist problem sounds like a nerve impingement, most probably at the cervical spine...neck. I would want to see an MRI if there are any findings on exam, such as an abnormal reflex in that arm. You will need an examination to sort this out.
Such nerve impingement at this location could cause pain in the neck, the arm, the shoulder and even the back down to the shoulder blade.

The other joint pains need to be considered.
Some autoimmune disease causes asymmetrical arthritis, so a sed rate and an ANA panel [blood tests] can rule this out.
Also an RF [rheumatoid factor].
Many systemic problems can cause arthralgias--joint pain--so a comprehensive metabolic panel, a CBC and a thyroid panel should also be run.

A disc problem in the neck plus an illness such as fibromyalgia could also explain all of this.

With the occasional wrist drop, I would get examined as soon as possible. If necessary, an EMG can also be done...tests the neuromuscular junction.
Good luck
Good luck

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