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These are my symptoms - uncontrollable flailing like jerking

Customer Question

These are my symptoms - uncontrollable flailing like jerking of arms and legs, nubness in legs, feet, arms and hands, vibration in right leg, extreme eadache in right tempel and right eye causing blurred vision and pain behind right eye, strange electric feeling in kneck that causing head to twitch to right, memory loss and confusion, strange taste in mouth like metal and numbness of tongue and lips, tingling in feet and hands, very bad swelling of feet, legs and hands, problem with constipation, extreme pain in lower and middle back as well as upper abdomen, right side of upper right leg has gone completely numb yet painful, muscle pain like the flu but worse in arms and legs, tight feeling in chest and upper abdomen like ribs are caving in on me - Can you help?
Gave all information and never got an answer! That was hours ago!
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. Wajid replied 6 years ago.

Welcome to just answer...

Can you please tell me what is your age and gender?
Have you had an MRI of your cervical spine done?
Have you seen any doctor for this matter?
What medicines are you taking for your problem?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I am a 39 year old female w/high intelligence, raised in a wonderful family, and became a very successful woman. Four and a half years ago my symptoms began and gotten worse every month! Most Doctor's have told me it basically is in my head or it is stress. About a year ago I found a new Doctor, family friend who really new me and my family, he has helped in so many ways! Unfortunately, my symptoms have eally started to get worse - painful headaches in right eye, strange taste and numbness of lips and tongue were added to symptoms.


Hydrocodone 10-500/every6hrs

Baclofen 10mg/3xdly

Depakote - 500/mg2xdly

Prednisone 20mg/6daypck

Xanax0.5/ @ bed

Bumetanide 2mg/1dly

Estrace 2mg

eyedrop for inflamation - not sure of name

Hope this helps! Only diagnosed w/small fiber neuropathy, last MRI or CT was about 2yrs ago. Eye Doctor recently saw some inflamation in the optic nerves maybe causing eye pain,blurred vision and pain.

Did go through infertility issues which led to many surgeries and four trys at Invitro ended w/hystorectomy. We adopted! Could those drugs(of course, as you know, many fertility drugs were used.)



Expert:  Dr. Wajid replied 6 years ago.
Hi again...

Thanks for the detailed description...

Well looking at your history I can come up with several differentials that need to be ruled out before stress could be blamed... Here is a list of those differentials:

  1. Cervical Spondylosis
  2. Occipital neuralgia
  3. Trigeminal neuralgia
  4. Ocular migraine
  5. Viral infection
  6. Multiple sclerosis(less likely)

This list can further be cut short be clinical examination and relevant investigations...

I would suggest you get an MRI of your cervical spine done after consultation with a neurologist...

Untill then apart from the analgesics I would also recommend you use Tab Lyrica 75mg twice daily for better symptomatic relief...

I hope this information helps you...

Thank you...