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Dr. Wajid
Dr. Wajid, Doctor
Category: Medical
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Experience:  MBBS, FCPS (Internal Medicine)
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How does it take for chemical poisoning to take effect

Resolved Question:

How long does it take for chemical poisoning to take effect
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. Wajid replied 6 years ago.
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Dr Wajid :


Dr Wajid :

Welcome to just answer

Dr Wajid :

Can you please elaborate your question

Customer: Was wondering how
Customer: Was wondering how long it takes for chemical
Customer: Poisoning to take effect. I had got flea spray on my legs. I washed it off within a few minutes. It contained tetra
Customer: Tetramethrin.
Customer: A week later I started gettin weak legs and muscle twitching.
Customer: It seems to happen mainly in the evenings. Over this last week it has moved into my arms as well
Customer: It said that chemical can cause skin irritation and redness but that never developed.
Dr Wajid :

Thanks for the information

Dr Wajid :

Well tetramethrin can cause muscle twitching but that is when you accidentaly ingest the posion... Topical exposure of Tetramethrin for a few minutes should not be the cause of muscle wekness and twitching that you are currently experiencing

Dr Wajid :

Topical exposure just causes skin irritation and redness that you deny to have had experienced

Customer: I wasn't sure since I didn't develop the skin irritation or redness. Wasn't sure if it could still be absorbed into skin without the redness showing up
Dr Wajid :

No as long as you clearly washed it and prevented further exposure that shouldn't be the cause to your symptoms

Dr Wajid :

For such symptoms to occur there should be history of more prolonged exposure

Dr Wajid :

Anyways I would suggest you see a neurologist for further help in this regard

Customer: It was just that one day where it happened. It was over a week before the weakness and twitching began.
Dr Wajid :

You may require a Nerve conduction studies to reach to an underlying diagnosis which is surely not the Tetramethrin exposure that you are co relating

Dr Wajid :

Please follow up with your neurologist and get your nerve conduction studies done

Dr Wajid :

Thank you

Customer: Okay thank you for the answers and advice.
Dr Wajid :

You are wlecome

Dr Wajid :

Take care

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