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I am 51 yrs old and my leg keeps giving way is ther any

Resolved Question:

i am 51 yrs old and my leg keeps giving way is ther any reason why ?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr.tiwari replied 7 years ago.
Will you please answer some questions-
1.Since when it is there?
2.Pain in knee?
3.History of trauma?
4.History of high blood pressure or diabetes?
Please reply.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
no trauma to my left leg which gives way but trauma to right leg ( knee) which sometimes gives way not diabetic myself but mum was... blood pressure ok.been like this off and on for afew wks
Expert:  Dr.tiwari replied 7 years ago.
Thanks for information.
Generally the causes of such weakness in the legs are-
-Neurological disorders like multiple sclerosis,Amyotropic sclerosis,polyneuropaty,etc.
-Deficiency of vitamin D.
-Folate deficiency
-Arthritis .
Looking at these reasons & your age ,If you are facing this weakness since last few weeks then i will advice you to consult to a neurologist to get evaluated.He may advice you some blood investigations with estimation of serum thyroid , serum folate,& MRI SCAN.
Till then i will advice you to take a sufficient amount of calcium & vitamin D in your diet.You may also start coq 10 which help in strengthening of muscles .
Hope this will help you.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
what are the chances of it being multiple sclerosies and if it is what happens
Expert:  Dr.tiwari replied 7 years ago.
The multiple sclerosis is one of the diagnosis ,not the final one.It does have the other features also like abnormal sensation in limbs,cognitive symptoms like dysarthria behavioral changes,etc.
This is generally a diagnosis by exclusion ,which is supported by investigations like MRI,CSF ANALYSIS & EVOKED POTENTIAL.
At present it is treated by some drugs like mitoxantrone,natalizumab,interferon beta-1-b.
Hope this will be helpful.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
i forgot to say earlier that i get alot of pain in my knees and a tingling sensation in my legs . i dont really understandalot of medical words??? i work as a retail assistant and find when i get home from work my knees etc are very painful
Expert:  Dr.tiwari replied 7 years ago.
Thanks for this valuable information.
It looks from this information that you are also having the arthritis knee.This itself & weak muscles of the legs itself may develop this.The pain in knee does lead to negative feed back on the muscles of the thigh leading to giving away sensation later on.In my opinion you should do following-
1.Start doing quadriceps drilling exercises.
2.Avoid squatting position & going upstairs/down stairs frequently.
3.Do warm fomentation ove rthe knee.At leat 3 times a day.
4.Use a good analgesic like advil ,aleve to have relief in pain.
5.Start taking combination of glucosamine & chondrotin sulfate.This has a very good effect on arthritis.
6.Have a x ray of knee to evaluate the pathology.
7.Consult to a orthopedic surgeon who may test your knee.As some time this issue may be there with ligament problem.
Hope this will help you.