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I have a number of symptoms which seem to be related as they

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I have a number of symptoms which seem to be related as they are all chronic and increase and decrease in synchronous. Dry nasal passages into the sinuses causing discomfort and headaches. Tinnitus in both ears, more severe in the left ear. Gastro-intestinal bloating and pain, especially in the lower abdomen. These symptoms are particularly acute in the morning when I wake up.I also often have a raw tongue, something like thrush but I think it is more related to acidity.I want to know if there is possibly some form of a condition that affects the mucous membrane.

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It is likely that the gastrointestinal bloating and pain is related to gastroesophageal reflux disease (acid reflux) causing upper esophagus and tongue inflammation with thrush (candida infection). The infection with inflammation in the upper esophagus and mouth/tongue can extend into the nasal and ear sinuses causing discomfort, headaches and tinnitus. To resolve this problem, I suggest that you follow-up with your doctor for closer evaluation with upper endoscopy with gastroscopy, and treatment with Prilosec and/or other medication to eradicate the acid stomach, weight management in case you have added weight, and treatment with oral antifungal such as Diflucan or Mycelex to eradicate any thrush that may be involved in the persistent inflammation.

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