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Ken, Postgraduate doctor
Category: Medical
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Severe pain under/below my sternum. Causing radiating pain

Customer Question

Severe pain under/below my sternum. Causing radiating pain around my entire ribcage to the back into my shoulder blades.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Ken replied 7 years ago.
Chat Conversation Started
Ken : Hello
Ken : Since when are you having these symptoms?
Ken : Do you have any diagnosed medical condition/ are you on any medication?
Ken : Any associated symptoms like nausea/ vomiting, extra?
Ken : Does pain increase or decrease with particular posture or any thing else {may be food}?

this is the second time it has happened. It starts out feeling like a hug air bubble right below my sternum. Then before long my whole rib cage is sore. Right now the backs of my ribs are really hurting.




was helping by laying down, but then the pain got so severe it woke me up and here I am

Ken : Were any investigations done to see for the cause when you had similar symptoms?

no again it was at night and I was out of town. That night I went to sleep and when I awoke the next morning I was fine. however this time it woke me up from sleeping

Ken : I can understand your anxiety.
Ken : We need to consider few causes
Ken : My first bet will be inflammation at the stomach/ duodenum. It can be due to increased acid production/ infection.
Ken : Other possibilities which we need to rule out are inflammation at pancreas/ gall bladder or liver. Possibility of renal cause looks less likely with the site of pain.
Ken : Inflammation at lung/ pleura or costochondral junction can also present with similar symptoms
Ken : When did you take Zantac?
Ken : Has the pain reduced in severity after it?

around 9


it did for a while and now it is back

Ken : Ohh. Take a glass of cold milk. It should help reduce inflammation and so the pain if it is from stomach/ duodenum.


Ken : If the pain severity is still there I would get medical help right now. Few investigations like ultrasound of abdomen/ x ray abdomen and blood tests will give us the cause and severity
Ken : Treatment will follow.
Ken : Few other signs to watch for - feeling dizzy/ unconscious/ sudden increase in pain/ vomiting should prompt immediate ER visit
Ken : Any difficulty in breathing/ heaviness at chest should also be watched for
Ken : Please do not worry, you will be fine soon. God bless