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Dr Brims
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Does a torn calf muscle need surgery?

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does a torn calf muscle need surgery?
Generally, a torn calf muscle does not require surgery. HOWEVER, depending on the severity of the injury and the degree to which it is causing problems with walking or other activities, surgery may be necessary.

If you believe or know that you have a torn muscle, it would be appropriate to seek urgent medical attention. Your primary care physician or an orthopedic surgeon would be your best options.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
i can walk on it as long as i don't move aggressively and it is only slightly bruised. how would i determine the severity of it? what would "severe" symptoms be? what would be the symptom of a simple sprain? i felt a pop during a martial arts kick....
An examination by a physician (or other qualified health professional) would be necessary to determine the degree of the injury.

Left untreated, you could convert a partial tear to a more severe complete tear.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
you are telling me what i already have scheduled to do in the morning. it will cost me $72 which i was trying to save by asking what symptoms constitute something severe. i realize you can't see my leg, but you can at least tell me what i should be looking for, or ask what i may be experiencing that would let you tell me how severe this could be since this is your area of expertise.... you have given me nothing but my own plan of action. that will not help me sleep tonight knowing that i just wasted $24 more only to get an ibuprofen script in the morning thats $4 at walmart. really? thats all you can tell me is go see my doctor?
I'm sorry that you believe that you wasted your time by using our service. Unfortunately, without an examination it is impossible to make a diagnosis.I will opt-out and see if any of the other experts can be of more help to you.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Relist: Answer quality.
if the doctor has seen cases like this, he should be able to describe to me what he has seen, best case worst case symptoms and possible solutions, when looking at this type of possible injury at his own practice, or experiences during his or her residency.
Hello, I work in orthopaedic surgery, and I will try to help.Why do you think you have a torn calf muscle?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
i felt a pop in my calf while performing a kick. 5 mins later the pain came. i could not walk on it monday night, but when i got out of bed tuesday morning i could walk without limping. it only hurts if i flex my foot a certain way or move too quickly..
Do you have a notch like defect in any area of your leg like your achilles tendon or your calf? What part of your leg do you feel the greates pain?Close to your knee, above your knee, ot near your ankle?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
no, no notches or indentions and the sharp pain is focused just above the middle of my calf closer to the knee deep in the muscle
I see, I can tell you that with the location of the pain you have it is likely a minor tear or strain of your gastrocnemius-soleus complex of muscles, which are the main muscles in your calf.Only an physical exam can say for sure, but from what you have told me it doesn't seem to be a serious injury, and I sincerely ***** ***** willneed surgery of any kind. To be honest, it seems more like a strained calf muscle in regular everyday terms.You will need to see your doctor to make sure though, through an exam.In the meantime i advise you to stay off of it until you see your doctor.

let me know if you still have questions or need more information
Dr Brims, U.S. Licensed Physician
Category: Medical
Satisfied Customers: 9616
Experience: MD
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