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I am on Social Security disability for Degenerative Back

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I am on Social Security disability for Degenerative Back decease and failed back syndrome. But that's not my question. In the last 3 months I've had noises in my head or 1 sharp noise followed by dizzy spells and flu like symptoms. This does not happen every day but can last for weeks at a time. I've been to my primary physician who sent me to a Neurologist. he has done MRI, EEG, MRA, all kinds of lab test. I even asked my Pain management Doctor if the medicines i take could cause this, HE said no because i've been taking them for quite awhile.what i would like to know is there a Hospital or Clinic that has a team of doctors that can help me find out whats wrong with me. It would have to be something Blue Cross Blue Shield would pay for. Thanks for your help.

Welcome to Just Answer:

It is likely that you are experiencing the symptoms of pulsatile tinnitus associated with vertigo (causing dizziness) due to either damage to the inner ear cells, or abnormal inner ear/nearby brain vessel (such as AVMs) with intermittent blood flow changes. Often this can result from abnormal inner ear cells responding to the pressure changes. This can cause the inner ear cells to release electrical signal through the sound transmitting nerves to the brain, with your brain interpreting the signals as sound. Other causes of such problem include chronic health problems and injuries which affect your auditory nerves or the hearing center located in the brain. Given that all images and testing are normal, it is likely that this condition is not harmful, but due to aging. It is possible that your chronic back problem, stress and/or other conditions could be affecting your perception of such pulsatile tinnitus with dizziness. Medical centers like Mayo clinic in Minnesota, Arizona or Florida can investigate further into the cause of this problem. In the meantime, I suggest that you avoid medications including aspirin, quinine, erythromycin, and certain antibiotics.

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