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I have not always been aware of this problems, but certainly

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I have not always been aware of this problems, but certainly am now that I work in my school district with children and teachers everyday. I use to think I was just slow or not too bright. I have noticed that when someone asks me a question it takes a few seconds for me to recognize what they are asking and giving a response. I sometimes seems a long time to soak into my brain. others can respond quickly, but I always have to stop and think about what is asked and then think of what to respond. I cannot keep my mind on what is being said for too long, my mind wanders alot, if there is alot of background noise, I cannot hear what is being said to me. I also have a hard time with vocabulary. When I am talking I have a hard time coming up with words and names. I am 58 years of age and it has made me feel so dumb at times, it is hard to go to work each day.

Welcome to Just Answer:

Sorry to know about you challenges. May I begin by letting you know that you are not alone. Many individuals suffer from the same problem, and they continue to persevere just as you are currently doing. It is likely that you are experiencing the symptom of slow brain processing as part of your inborn brain conditioning from your early developmental environment. To start the process of improving your condition, I suggest that you need determination (which I believe you) and the proper assistance or resources for mind or brain rehabilitation. There are two books I would suggest that you take your time and read. They are "Harvest Season for Every Mind" and/or "A Mind at a Time (Dr. Levin)"
In the meantime, I suggest that you use regular multivitamin with B-complex supplements, and over the counter Ginkgo Biloba supplements.

It was a pleasure to assist you. Please, allow me get credit for my time and effort in assisting you and press the ACCEPT button for this assist. I will be glad to answer additional questions until you are satisfied. Thank you so much.

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