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My wbc is low 2.9 and absolute neutrophils is low 1169. Is

Resolved Question:

my wbc is low 2.9 and absolute neutrophils is low 1169. Is that a sign of HIV. I don't feel sick , but sometimes i oversleep during the day. I also have sickle cell trait and herpes. can that b the cause of my low blood counts? My other blood counts are within their normal range but on the low side. example monocytes count is 241. My lymphocytes are 49.2 (i think measured in percent). please give me your opinion.....
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  dr.sehr replied 6 years ago.
Welcome to justanswer,
Dear customer,

kindly let me know....
Why do you have this blood test ?who advised this?Since how long you have herpes problem?Any medical illness you suffer other then herpes and sickle cell trait?
What is value of your red cell count and platelets and hemoglobin?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I wanted to know my cholestol level thats all. I had herpes for about 10-12 years. red blood count is 4.19, platelet count is 260, and hemoglobin is 13.1. my result also screened for antibodies and none were detected.
Expert:  dr.sehr replied 6 years ago.
OK,Dear thanks for giving me more information.Sorry to hear about your illness.

On the basis of information which you have given me your WBC(neutrophil count) is low and rest blood cells are normal and this condition is known as Neutropenia."Neutropenia" is a condition in which the number of neutrophils in the bloodstream is decreased.Absolute neutrophil count( ANC )of less than 1500 per micro liter (1500/microL) is the generally accepted definition of neutropenia as you have.Neutropenia can be present (though it is relatively uncommon) in normal healthy individuals.

Neutropenia may arise as a result of numerous medical conditions:
  • Infections (more commonly viral infections, but also bacterial or parasitic infections). Examples include: HIV,tuberculosis,malaria,epstein barr virus (EBV)
  • Medications that may damage the bone marrow or neutrophils, including CANCER chemotherapy

  • Vitamin deficiencies (megaloblasticanaemia due to vitamin B12 and folate deficiency.
  • Diseases of the bone marrow such as leukemia,aplastic anaemia myelofibrosis

  • Radiation therapy
If your body is working correctly, your white blood cells will be significantly elevated during a herpes outbreak. This is because they multiply to fight off infections so it would not lead to low white blood cell count.So both herpes and sickle cell trait would not causing this.

My advise would be that you should take your appointment from medical specialist who will examine you and evaluate you regarding the cause of your low cell count by doing further investigations.


So my advise
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
are my levels dangerous? Do the levels go back up? my lab result were posted June 25, 2010. If I get another one now do you think the results will change? inm your honest opinion should I be very worried. I couldn't sleep last nite at all.
Expert:  dr.sehr replied 6 years ago.
OK,Dear please you need not to worried so much .Neutropenia is sometimes further classified as:
  • mild if the ANC ranges from 1000-1500/microL,

  • moderate with an ANC of (###) ###-####microL, and

  • severe if the ANC is below 500/microL.
You are having mild neutropenia and as this was your previous test you should have another blood test which would hopefully be normal as you have no serious kind of symptoms to get worried.
As this test was done more then one month ago you should have this test again.Hopefully it would go normal.

Hope for the best.Please dear relax and my best wishes would be with you.

God bless you
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

one more question and then I will accept your answer. Can a yeast infection cause the levels to decrease over a period of time?

FYI- you have been very helpful. I am still worried though. I know the stress won't help me but im very concerned.

Expert:  dr.sehr replied 6 years ago.

When there is low white cell count it would predispose an individual to have various infections like fungal infection. But fungal infection does not itself decreases white cell count.

To over come your worries you should repeat your blood test as soon as possible.

Thanks for your appreciation.

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