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Hello, I believe I got a splinter or metal shaving in my finger

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Hello, I believe I got a splinter or metal shaving in my finger last week. I thought I got it out but apparently not. My finger (it is on the inside of my middle finger opposite the fingernail) is slightly swollen, tender to touch that area and i can tell it feels warm in the area. It is healed over now and I am wondering what is the least painful remedy?

tell me that do your swelling and pain is decreasing gradually in intensity?is there any redness still there?do you think the symptoms of pain and swelling are improving?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I think it is getting worse not better. Skin is getting a bit tight and a little hard to straighten out my finger. It is swollen, pink/reddish more so than the surrounding skin and is warmer than my other fingers
OK, Dear on the basis of information which you have given me it looks like as your splinter is still inside your finger and causing these symptoms.As it is acting as foreign body so it would lead to local infection inside your finger and producing local redness,swelling and pain at that site.As your symptoms are worsening over a period of time so you need to examine by doctor.You may need x-ray of finger to diagnose that splinter and removal under local injection..(local anaesthesia).It is a minor procedure.You also need to start oral antibiotic after removal of splinter.At time you also start oral anti inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I would like to do this without going to the doctor's office if at all possible. Is there anything I can do myself or not?
OK,Dear I have told you which is best for you.So now you have to do is that you should confirm the location by x-ray if possible for removal.

Start tab.ibuprofen three times daily
Tab.CO AMOXICLAV 625mg 3 times daily(orally)
Removal of splinter

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