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My blood pressure is 95/57 and my hemoglobin is 10.9,

Resolved Question:

my blood pressure is 95/57 and my hemoglobin is 10.9, constant fatigue, brain is fuzzy,thin hair,eyebrows,dry skin,TSH is 1.350 Over a year ago the fatigue stuck all at once as well as al the rest of this . I eat a very simple diet of fruit yogurt,pasta some meat. I really don't have much of an appetite but eat protein at least 2x a day. My doctor passed it all off to aging (i'm 64 and I've aged 15 years in the last 18 months)
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. D. Love replied 7 years ago.

Was your blood pressure running at this level before you started feeling ill?

Do you have the rest of the values of your CBC, including the MCV?

Do you have any known chronic medical problems?

Are you taking any chronic medicines?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I take 50mg of zoloft 1x day....blood pressure has always been 120/70 I only have cholesterol levels on the printout and glucose of 122 fasting. I have always been very healthy.
Expert:  Dr. D. Love replied 7 years ago.

Thank you for the additional information.

There are several issues to consider about these symptoms. A blood pressure of 95/57 is not, in and of itself, worrisome. There are many persons that always function with a blood pressure at this level. It is potentially more of a problem for a person that usually runs higher, such as 120/70, that then changes to running at 95/57. It also would be more concerning if the lower blood pressure is causing symptoms, such as lightheadedness. If there are no symptoms and no significant findings on physical examination, then there is usually no concern about a blood pressure of this level. Fatigue is non-specific, but may also be due to a lower blood pressure. There are many conditions that may contribute to a lower blood pressure, including any condition that causes loss of fluid from the body, decreased strength of heart contraction, certain endocrine disorders (such as thyroid or adrenal disease), or inadequate levels of certain nutrients, such as vitamin B12 or folic acid.

The hemoglobin level of 10.9 is low, but also not at a level that would tend to cause symptoms, although this level of hemoglobin may contribute to symptoms if there is another disease present, such as heart or lung disease. A low hemoglobin can be caused by many different conditions, but generally related to loss of blood or inadequate formation of blood. Loss of blood can be due to low level bleeding into the gut or a variety of conditions that cause destruction of red blood cells. Poor formation of blood is most often related to deficiency of nutrients, including iron, vitamin B12, or folic acid. The MCV can suggest the type of problem, but blood levels provide a more accurate assessment of the levels of these nutrients.

Ultimately, it would require an appropriate evaluation to determine the exact cause of these symptoms. It is possible that your physician has already performed these tests and did not comment upon them because they were normal. If you feel that your physician is not giving the issue proper consideration, it is always appropriate to consider getting a second opinion.

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