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I have a goose egg on my left lower leg. Between the shin

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I have a goose egg on my left lower leg. Between the shin bone and the calf I had fallen a month ago and it took more time than usual to heal. I feel again and hit it during the fall. Now, going done the leg and at foot I have discolorization on the inside of my foot and a tenderness from the goose egg to that point any suggestions.
I have to travel most of next week and am during to decide if I should go to the emergency roon.
is the discoloration (bruise)progressing?
Do you have pain?
is the pain persistent or intermittent?
any previous medical conditions?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

discolorization is progressing,

the foot is in no pain, the distance between the egg and the foot area is sensitive. the bruised area when I push in leaves an intentation

I don't have any real pain, just sensitivity

I am in great health


I am sorry to know about your symptoms,

Based on what you mentioned,it seems that your symptoms are due to soft tissue injury as it may present with similar discoloration and goose egg as you described.
From what you have described,you may see a regular physician instead og going to emergency ,the physician will be able to do a physical exam,if required imaging tests to confirm the diagnosis.
Meanwhile you may take over over the counter motrin which will help subside the increased sensation(due to inflammation) and help in faster healing too.
If the symptoms (dicoloration) do not subside in a week,then ask the physician to do platelet count,as low platelets(thrombocytopenia) may lead to similar persistent progressing discoloration.


Always ask if you need clarification/more information.Please click ACCEPT button so that I may get credit for my work.POSITIVE feedback& BONUS are warmly appreciated. Please note that answer is for information only. It can't be a substitute to visit the doctor.

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