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Symptoms-Feeling very very hot on the INSIDE! But no temp.

Customer Question

Symptoms-Feeling very very hot on the INSIDE! But no temp. Other Vitals are BP 145/107 on Diovan, HR 122 with prn ateniol (sp), RR about 14. Meds IT pump for lower back pain placed 6 years ago. Robinul for sweating due to narcotics in pump. Zofran prn for n/v, K-Dur, and Lasix prn for 4+ edema. Very seldom Midrin for headaches. Hx-Benign meningionoma resected in 2000, C6-7 repair, VSD repair in 78. Other medical problems that may involve symptoms. Biliary atresia, fibromyalgia, recent about 3 months ago fall down flight of stairs. Symptoms seem to be worse since fall.
My PC of almost 28 years is so non shalant about this and only raised my BP meds. No further labs were done when I presented these symptoms to him about 2 weeks ago. I continue to monitor vitals as needed. Take cool baths, rest, and take tylenol with headaches then the midrin if needed. I can't justify an ER visit when my own PC shows very min. concern. I am an RN by trade but a little rusty so please excuse mis-spellings. Thanks
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  dr.sehr replied 7 years ago.

welcome to justanswer,

Dear customer,

kindly let me know about your menstrual cycle?is it regular?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
No mentrual cycle--I had a TAH at the age of 28. Presently on estrdiol and have been for that many years.
Expert:  dr.sehr replied 7 years ago.

Did your doctor removed your both ovaries too?
Why your hysterectomy was done at this young age?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
due to severe endometriosis
Expert:  dr.sehr replied 7 years ago.

ok, thanks for giving me more information but still you have not told me about removal of your both ovaries?

In medical language symptoms of internal heat which you have experienced are called hot flushes.Hot flushes are a frequent symptom and are reported by almost 75% of women. Hot flushes can begin up to 2 years before the menopause and may continue for several years. Described as an intense feeling of heat generally spreading from your face, neck and chest, a hot flush usually lasts several minutes. The exact cause is largely unknown, though it is believed to be triggered by changes in the temperature controlling part of the brain.

black cohosh: an estrogenic herb said to reduce cramps, congestion and hot flashes
My advise to you is that you should take appointment from your Gynecologist and she should evaluate dose of your addition following could be helpful for you.

keep of where and when your flushes occur the most and try and avoid those situations. Avoid activities that seem to be associated with flashes.

    • Choose natural fibres like cotton which allow perspiration to evaporate.
    • Avoid long sleeves, high necks and tight clothes. Wear clothes that are easy to unbutton
    • Keep your rooms cool and well-ventilated at home.
  • stop smoking if you are smoking It slows down circulation and worsens hot flushes.
  • Avoid sugary spicy and salty food, chocolates, alcohol, tea, cola drinks and large meals. Eat lots of citrus fruits e.g. oranges and grapefruits.
  • Take evening primrose oil which contain gamma linoleic acid. It increases the production of prostaglandins which seem to reduce frequency and severity of hot flashes.
  • eat lots of soy e.g. about 60 grams.
  • Take a herbal formula especially one containing a combination of black cohosh, dong quai, licorice and ginseng. These have a mild estrogen-like activity. Do not use ginseng if you have high blood pressure or asthma.
  • take vit.E. Up to 1000 international units (IU) have been helpful for some women. You may reduce the dose as flashes subside.
    • Take it at the end of a meal as it needs food to be absorbed into your body. It seems to work more effectively when taken with vitamins B and C.
    • Use the natural form of vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol), not the man-made form (dl-alpha tocopherol).
    • Avoid vitamin E if you have diabetes, hypertension or heart problems.
  • improves the circulation of blood around the body By exercise
I HOPE this advise would be beneficial for you.Need your

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
both overies were removed. I have asked my obgyn, (I have seen 2 in the last 10 years), several times about Primerin, or Progesterin. We have also talked about Black Cohosh and they have said that is something they would not recommend. I am not a smoker, I do not consume more than 2 12 oz. cola drinks a week, and chocolate is no problem nor is alcohol since neither of these are ever in my diet. I cannot eat salt due to past heart problems and since I did not grow up with this in my diet as a child, I do not miss something I have not had. Spicy foods are out because of GERD (Nexium qd), nor are large meals since I am on a 1800 calories a day diet.
Expert:  dr.sehr replied 7 years ago.

You might be experiencing this due to anxiety and stress With the increase of anxiety you become pumped up just like you were running in a race. Your heart rate may increase. Your brain is in overdrive, causing hot flashes and sweating.

Not to worry it is quite common in this healthy life style that we all lead. Try to relax by doing breathing exercise regularly. Use your belly (not your chest) to breathe. Inhale through your nose, and let it out through your mouth. Do this again and again, until you have control over your breathing. I am sure you will find much relief.