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Will adderall show up as meth on a drug test and if so what

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will adderall show up as meth on a drug test and if so what else will?

Yes, Adderall will show up positive on a drug test for amphetamine but usually the test is for both amphetamine and methamphetamine. Adderall should not come up positive for meth.
If you test positive for meth, you should probably ask for GC/MS (gas chromatography & mass spectroscopy) because it should be negative.

There are multiple drugs that can cause false positive for amphetamines on urine drug screen -- OTC cold and allergy formulas with pseudoephedrine and phenylephrine like Sudafed, Tavist-D, Drixoral, Dexatrim as well as some Rx asthma and other medications.

Skin contact is unlikely to give a false positive.

Hope this helps.
Standard drug tests are performed using a 2-step method. The specimen is first tested with a screening immunoassay. If the specimen tests positive with the screening test, the specimen is then sent for GC/MS confirmation.

The GC/MS confirmation is a specific test that eliminates the possibility of false positive results. The GC/MS differentiates between amphetamine and methamphetamine. Adderall will test positive for amphetamine, but it will NOT test positive for methamphetamine.

There are some conflicting reports of the Vicks inhaler causing positive tests for methamphetamine, however additional enantiomer testing will differentiate between the illegal drug and Vicks inhaler.

There is some evidence of occupational exposure to methamphetamine causing low levels of methamphetamine in urine, but at levels much lower than the current thresholds used for urine drug testing.
how is this different from what I said?

By adding Vick's inhaler which doesn't even show up on a drug screen?
For some reason, the references I included for you did not come through in my original post:

Occupational exposure

This link includes an excellent review of the amphetamine and methamphetamine detection, and the issue with Vicks inhaler,%202008.pdf
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I think maybe I figured out why I tested positive for meth. I have read a few of the ariticles and it appears that certain drugs mixed with adderall will create a positive for meth. I am on several different drugs and pain relievers. I am on fentinal patches along with up to 50mg of vicdin a day along with blood presure medication and lipitor, and ativan. From what i have read if I am right the combination of some of those drugs could make my test come up possitive for meth. Am I correct from what I think I understand ? I can't name the manufactures because I get different ones all the time. But doesn't the combination of what I am taking cause a positive for meth? I am pretty sure I read it correctly.
The medications that cause "false positives" only cause positive results on the immunoassays. These tests are the initial step in drug testing (and the technology used in on-site or "instant" tests such as the over-the-counter home test kits).

IF the test was confirmed with GC/MS, the ONLY thing that will cause a positive is indeed methamphetamine.

If the test was not confirmed with GC/MS (or the very similar LC/MS), then indeed some medications can cause false positives.

You need to check if the test was confirmed with GC/MS.
Family Physician, Doctor
Category: Medical
Satisfied Customers: 12816
Experience: Emergency Medicine and Family Practice for over 26 years
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