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After a pelvic ultrasound my wife received a report that she

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After a pelvic ultrasound my wife received a report that she has Inhomgeneous endometrium. The report reads...The Uterus is retroflexed and has a non-homogeneous internal ech pattern measuring 5.3 x 4.7 cm. at the fundus. She has also had irregular peiod with some exessive bleeding. There is no other symptoms or change in helath otherwise. A papsmere test and sonohysterogram are to be done.

Meanwhile, could you tell me what the possibilities are and liklihoods?

Why did she have the Ultrasound done in the first place?

Is she being tested for fertility?


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
No, it was irregular periods and prolmged bleading.
She has been taking birth control pills to stop the bleading.

There were no other reasons for the ultrasound.

A nonhomogeneous echo pattern inside the Uterus is simply referring to the endometrial layer (the layer of the Uterus that is sloughed off every month during the period). There is nothing overly alarming on the Ultrasound.

The reason these tests are done is that when Women have abnormal bleeding a few things need to be ruled out:

Benign or cancerous fibroid tumors of the uterus (these were not seen on the US report)


Cervical Cancer - this will be tested for at the PAP smear and does not usually cause heavy periods as much as it causes spotting of blood between periods or after sex.


Endometrial Cancer - this is cancer of the lining of the Uterus. This needs to be diagnosed with an Endometrial biopsy. This is a simple procedure that is done quickly in the doctor's office.


WIth all of that said.... Heavy periods usually turn out to be normal in most women and not from any dangerous cause at all.


I hope this is helpful.

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Good Luck and Best wishes!

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thank you for your concise reply.

Would your veiw of probabilities change given the fact that the bleading occurred say 2 weeks after her regular peiod. In other words it does not appear that the bleading resulted from a simply longer than normal period and in particular the fact that the bleading has peristed for 2 weeks after it mysteriuosly began?

Does this change your veiw?

No, it doesn't change.

Sometimes women can have a cycle where they do not ovulate and then they can have a much heavier period or periods closer together afterwords.


This is a very common problem with women and once anything serious is ruled out then most do very well on birth control pills to regulate the periods.


Here is more information:



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