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Kayfarooq, Board Certified Physician
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Small blood blisters on the scrotum, ocassionally bursting,

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Small blood blisters on the scrotum, ocassionally bursting, causing bleeding, ongoing many years
hello and thanks for consulting just answer
any pain and fever?
any other medical illness?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

No pain, no fever, ongoing problem for many years.

consulted family physician, sent me to be checked for bleeding problems, not relevant. problem is a nuisance, especially concerns my sex life.

hello and thanks for consulting just answer
generally there are many causes of blood blisters
viral infection can cause it(like herpes,chicken pox virus),but in that case there is lots of pain and other symptoms.exposure to cold or excessive heat,friction,insect bite and many skin diseases can cause it.
if there are no symptoms of pain and fever,and if you donot have any above mentioned causes,then it might be due to a benign condition called angiokeratoma of the scrotum,in which tiny blood blisters are is a benign condition and treatable.but i would need you to consult a specialist and get examination in person and subsequently treated.
i hope it satisfies you
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i am here for further help
best wishes
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